For some of our clients, moving bulk materials is a primary business, for others it is a component in a larger process.

Regardless, we understand that clients are looking to maximize throughput and increase system reliability, while balancing capital, operational and maintenance expenses. Bulk material handling has been part of River Consulting’s practice from the beginning. In applications across all manner of facilities and commodities, River Consulting has developed solutions to address the challenges our clients face.  

From pebbles to prills to powders, from stones to seeds to sand, River Consulting is experienced in handling a large variety of bulk materials for industries across the board. We have designed hundreds of thousands of feet of conveyor for wet and dry, free-flowing and sticky materials. We understand the issues and challenges that operators face: product flowability, bridging, reclaim and blending, spills and emissions at transfer points, dust emissions and build-up, washdown systems, hazardous products and area classifications, corrosive products, River Consulting has faced and solved these challenges and can bring best practices and proven solutions to our clients based on the hundreds of projects implemented over three decades of service.  

As a multidisciplinary A/E, River Consulting understands your facility as a whole. Because we also design entire facilities, we can recommend and design bulk material handling solutions and conveying systems that integrate with other areas of the facility. River Consulting has the ability to design all of the facility components that go in and around the material handling from silo storage, marine and dock structures, loading and unloading systems, to electrical and controls.  As independent consultants, we are not tied to any particular equipment or technology. Our solutions and recommendation are based on one thing and one thing only - what’s best for our clients’ business and the materials they handle.