No matter what type of materials you move or the size or scope of your facility, River Consulting provides industry proven experience and solutions.

You can depend on River Consulting to provide robust, reliable material handling systems for increased throughput, greater uptime and equipment reliability, and lower maintenance and operational costs. River Consulting works with independent bulk terminal operators and industrial producers and consumers across the full spectrum of bulk material commodities to deliver complete facility solutions.

Because we offer all the design specialties that go into a bulk terminal under one roof, you benefit from our big picture perspective and the convenience of one point of service. And because we have a deep institutional knowledge and understanding of how bulk terminals operate, you get solutions tailored to your specific operational and technological needs.

We can help you avoid demurrage charges, maximize loadout rates, segregate, trade and blend products, and effectively handle products with difficult flowability issues. Our solutions address and integrate storage, conveying technologies, dust and emissions control, loading and unloading systems, marine structures dock operations and automation systems. We address your facility as a whole.  As independent consultants and engineers, we select and integrate the best available technologies for each project and application. River Consulting focuses on providing customized solutions that are cost-effective to construct and economical to maintain, giving you a competitive, sustainable advantage.