Increased regulatory pressures on air emissions and mercury mitigation. Decreased demand in a slow economy. Dust control and abrasion. Changes in distribution and logistics due to plant closures. These are just a few of the issues the cement industry contends with every day.

As an active member of the industry, River Consulting understands what it takes to make cement producers and terminal owners successful in the current marketplace. We have worked closely with clients all across the industry on upgrades of aging production assets, facility upgrades, and new import facilities. With expertise in nearly all aspects of cement plant and facility design, our consultants successfully integrate services from technology OEMs and construction partners to deliver hundreds of reliable solutions that contribute to each client’s success.

From processing and grinding raw materials and finished product, to storage, conveying, loading, receiving, shipping, and packing, River Consulting delivers complete project services. We offer expertise you can trust to support your needs today - and down the line.