From the mines, to the railroad and rivers, to terminals, power plants and factories, River Consulting serves clients that produce, transport, or consume coal.

With the strength of our three decades of material handling expertise, and our understanding of the issues that coal handlers face, we are able to design solutions that balance the needs of operations and maintenance with the project’s economic constraints.

River Consulting was founded to serve material handling clients, and our experience covers all aspects of the coal supply chain, including: conveying, silos and stacking tubes, stacking and reclaim systems, rail/truck loading and receiving, barge/ship loading and receiving, crushing, blending, dust suppression and mitigation, washdown systems, coal yard management systems, and marine and dock design. We also understand that coal is not coal: Bituminous, sub-bituminous, lignite, PRB, metallurgical, each has different properties and requirements that must be addressed for safe and reliable handling.

As a complete multi-discipline A/E, River Consulting brings not only deep experience in material handling, but the ability to design all of the aspects of the project that surrounds the conveying system as well.  With experience from careers in the power, railroad, and terminaling industries, our consultant staff understands the challenges that coal handlers face. We work with clients to help address the operational and maintenance needs while staying within the capital constraints of the project.

The world is demanding more energy. Our clients in the coal industry need ways to respond quickly. Whether designing a greenfield facility, engineering upgrades and expansions, or solving dust mitigation and control issues – River Consulting is ready to apply our expertise to help solve the industry’s challenges.