Successful project start-ups don’t just happen. It takes careful planning and disciplined execution to bring complex industrial processes and systems online.

At River Consulting, we recognize the pressures experienced in the field during this critical project phase. That is why we work with our clients, vendors, and construction contractors to develop detailed start-up and commissioning plans for every project.

From equipment installation verification, instrument calibration, control system check out, dry and wet testing procedures to production ramp up, we work with our clients to address every step of the commissioning process. We recognize that on larger projects, significant communication and decisions occur early on in the project life cycle that ultimately affects the commissioning. That is why project team members are personally available and involved in the project start-up and commissioning phase to provide continuity and complete understanding of any issues that might arise.

Our experienced staff has commissioned thousands of industrial projects. We recognize the value of complete FAT testing of software and systems prior to shipment, and the need to coordinate with OEMs and vendors on critical equipment.  We have seen how providing advance training of operations and maintenance staff enables them to assist with the commissioning process and more quickly learn to operate their systems in a safe and reliable manner. 

At River Consulting, we understand the importance of bringing systems online quickly and safely, and our commissioning services are designed to address the unique challenges of this vital project phase.