Construction of a new industrial facility or process is a complex and time consuming task.

At River Consulting, we provide agency style construction management, acting as the owner’s principal agent throughout the construction process. Our experienced professionals do the heavy lifting and manage the details. This allows the project owner to retain complete control of scope, technical execution, key decisions, and project contingencies.

River Consulting works on behalf of the owner to manage the entire process, including project management, quality assurance, planning and scheduling, cost estimating and scheduling, document management, procurement, expediting, contractor coordination, change order management, commissioning and project closeout. We represent the owner's best interests in our non-biased selection of vendors, contractors and project suppliers.

Our team of construction managers, procurement professionals, expeditors and site managers employ industry-proven tools and best practices. We scale the project execution plan to meet each project’s unique needs. We proactively address potential issues and mitigate risks. And we measure and report on progress each week.

Ultimately, River Consulting acts as an extension of the owners organization.  By providing full scope agency construction management services, we allow an owner to manage their project and retain control of each decision and contingency, from the start of the design through to the final commissioning.