Engineering design is at the heart of everything River Consulting does.

Yet, we understand that engineering does not exist in a vacuum. It must be coordinated with permitting, procurement, construction and other project elements to help achieve the overall project goal.

River Consulting works with our clients as a consultant first. We strive to fully understand not only their technical needs, but also their business and operational goals. We then bring our in-house multidisciplined engineering capabilities to the table to design solutions for complete facilities and processes. 

Our clients benefit from the simplicity and responsiveness of one firm to coordinate all design efforts. At the same time, they are able to tap into decades of expertise. Our team includes professionals experienced in each design discipline and in a multitude of industries. Our professionals hold seats on standards creation committees and are actively involved in technical, professional and industry organizations. We also collaborate with a network of specialized consultants and alliance partners to bring unique technical expertise to each project as needed.

Whether a project is a small modification or a complete greenfield facility, River Consulting delivers the design expertise, service coordination and quality that clients trust to handle their most important projects.