One facility or 200, River Consulting provides complete and objective facility condition assessments.

Facility condition assessments are instrumental to preventing failures, keeping your site environment safe, and meeting industry standards. Our engineers have provided assessments and inspections for hundreds of sites. We utilize a proven methodology to provide accurate and consistent assessments and scalable solutions for a single location to a corporate program. 

No matter the facility, our team delivers the expertise to assess everything from structural steel and mechanical systems, to storage tanks and silos, to electrical and control systems, and everything in between. With expertise and certifications in a variety of industries, we are able to provide assessments, site plan reviews, safety evaluations, and technical evaluation reports.

We provide more than just a simple report on findings. Our team provides recommendations for action. We work with our clients to define parameters for severity levels and repair time frames, which results in unified rankings on defects and a manageable repair schedule and future inspection cycle.  By suggesting subsequent actions within a period of recommended time, our methodology enables your team to effectively plan for repair and maintenance costs. When it is time for repairs, whether immediate or planned months in advance, River Consulting can support you with any necessary multidiscipline design or construction management.

Our goal is to deliver an actionable, detailed report and recommendations to prevent unnecessary accidents, repairs or expenses. Whether providing an assessment for one facility or an entire program, River Consulting delivers objective and thorough findings to enable clients to understand the condition of assets to better plan for the facilitiy's future.