Companies that manufacture, store and distribute fertilizers operate in harsh conditions.

Corrosion, cross product contamination, emissions, dust generation and material flowability are just a few of the challenges faced every day. As a multidisciplinary A/E with extensive material handling experience, River Consulting has the capabilities and expertise to help you meet the operational and maintenance challenges of these difficult to handle materials.  

Our facility design and audit services have helped companies improve operational reliability, cut operating costs and extend the useful life of facility assets. Our understanding of the corrosive and explosive nature of these products allows us to incorporate design features and materials to increase uptime, safety, reliability and facility life. Our source reduction, data collection and automated reporting services have allowed fertilizer facilities to maintain compliance with environmental permits. Through our material feed troubleshooting and advanced equipment automation services, our clients have increased facility throughput by as much as 350 percent.

River Consulting assists the fertilizer industry to help build, run and maintain facilities that operate reliably and cost-effectively. No matter what operational, structural or environmental challenges you face or the type of fertilizer your facility handles, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver proven solutions for your project needs.