River Consulting understands the unique challenges industrial clients face and delivers solutions designed for each client’s specific requirements.

Every year, hundreds of industrial clients turn to River Consulting because we understand the demands and challenges inherent to their industry. We combine knowledge of industry regulations with undisputed expertise to deliver reliable, compliant, cost-effective solutions for coal, fertilizer, metals and bulk terminal clients across the globe.


River Consulting designs complete facilities, material handling systems and dust management systems specifically tailored to the coal industry. Whether you handle bituminous, sub-bituminous, lignite, PRB or metallurgical coal products, River Consulting combines engineering design with comprehensive consulting and project management services to deliver complete solutions. Read More »


River Consulting has designed complete material handling solutions for virtually every type of fertilizer on the market. From urea, to potash, to ammonia and much more, we understand the challenges of the products you manufacture, store and distribute. And we arm you with reliable solutions designed to withstand the harsh demands of your products for more productive and more profitable operations. Read More »


River Consulting delivers engineering solutions tailored to the unique needs of the metals industry. Whether you work with steel, aluminum, alumina, DRI or HBI, our experts lean on years of experience to bring value to every stage of your project, from technology and site selection through design and equipment installation. Read More »

Bulk Terminals

River Consulting provides complete, customized terminal solutions for virtually every type of bulk material commodity. Our solutions focus on helping you select and integrate the best technologies for maximizing throughput while controlling costs. Decades of expertise give River Consulting the insight to design the best solutions for moving materials in your unique environment. Read More »