River Consulting was originally founded to serve the industries moving materials in the Gulf Region.

Since our beginning, we have worked closely with our clients to address the challenges of building, owning, and operating docks and the equipment used on them to load and unload vessels.  We have three decades of experience in delivering complete solutions to our clients including designing, investigating, and managing the construction of all types of marine structures.

River Consulting understands the issues associated with constructing marine projects.  We recognize the need to manage the permitting phase with close coordination with Army Corps of Engineers, State DOT, Levy District, State EPA, Coast Guard, and Pilot’s Associations. We know the scheduling difficulties presented by changing water levels, seasonal and weather based construction windows, environmental impact and restrictions, and in-water work windows.    

Our engineers understand the design of marine structures are driven by many factors. Careful consideration needs to be given to all of the loads and environmental factors that affect the structure. Although docks and marine structures appear simple, they need to withstand harsh environments and can be expensive to construct.  We understand the factors that drive construction cost and work with clients and contractors through all phases of design to develop structures that can meet the operational requirements for the facility while at the same time fitting within the economic constraints of the project.
As a multi-discipline A/E, River Consulting understands not only the dock structure itself, but also the equipment and operations that occur on top of the structure.  Our designs take into account the operation of the facility as well, including safety of personnel and prevention of spills and material release.  With a long resume of successfully completed projects, River Consulting has the breadth of expertise to help make your marine project a success, from initial planning through ongoing operations.