Delivering balance of plant services for solutions across your entire power facility.

Through Balance of Plant (BOP) integration, River Consulting provides the necessary services to connect all aspects of your plant, whether it’s delivering new systems or integrating with existing for retrofits. We offer multidiscipline design, equipment specifications, and work with your internal team and/or technology partners to deliver the full services your project needs.

With rapidly changing regulatory environments, electric utilities are under tight watch, and they must positon themselves to respond to industry trends quickly. They must install new systems to ensure existing plants meet new standards. With so much on the line, our clients put their reputations in the hands of a provider who has experience delivering full multidiscipline projects to the power generation industry. They look to River Consulting.

Meeting the needs of power generating facilities in today’s market requires specific knowledge, capabilities, and expertise. Our extensive offerings include complete material handling systems for coal, limestone, gypsum, ash, and sorbents as well as receiving, storage and loadout design. Additional expertise includes sorbent injection systems, wastewater system integration, combustible dust suppression and washdown systems, steam and process piping, high temperature ducts, and instrumentation and controls.

We recognize that each of our clients are unique and require different services, which is why we present a range of offerings including project feasibility and evaluation, basic and final engineering, project management, procurement support, vendor quality assurance, construction management, and start-up and commissioning. At River Consulting, we are flexible and experienced in many roles ranging from consultant or owner’s engineer to engineer of record or design support, enabling us to adapt to each specific client need.

In order to meet the evolving requirements of the power industry, our clients need to leverage best available technology and adapt it to the unique constraints to their facilities. River Consulting works collaboratively with industry technology providers to deliver new technologies and fully integrated plant installations. In support of these modifications, River Consulting can provide complete BOP services for upgrades and tie-ins to the vital systems found throughout modern power generation facilities.

We realize the need for your coal-fired plant to meet the ever increasing emission and regulatory requirements. We also understand the additional challenges your operation is facing today due to regulated and de-regulated markets. Whether you need a mid-size A/E to provide complete BOP services on a major capital project or a world-class expert for material handling challenges, you can turn to River Consulting to deliver successful project solutions.