The success or failure of a project is highly dependent on the professionals that manage the activities during the lifetime of that project. Project management by disciplined professionals can make or break your project.

Whether it’s a small expansion or a large capital investment, River Consulting focuses on proactively engaging and leading clients through every phase of a project, from planning through commissioning. We set expectations for critical success factors, milestones and metrics upfront. And we develop a unique project execution plan scaled to the size and parameters of each individual project.

Aided by industry proven project management tools recognized by PMI, Baldridge and PSMJ, our experienced project managers work to keep projects on track. To ensure accountability and transparency, we review project performance against goals each week and address issues and challenges in the moment. Following these standards, River Consulting has successfully executed thousands of projects across the globe, giving us the experience and capability to see each project through from inception to realization of our client's scope, schedule, and budget goals.