Location: Kenosha, WI

Services: Multidiscipline Engineering Design

36 Vessel Installation and 15 Tank Modification for Solvent and Resin Storage

River Consulting provided complete multidiscipline design services to support the installation 36 new aboveground storage vessels. The new vessels featured sufficient containment to ensure no leakage in the event of a tank rupture and with sufficient capacity to contain fire water/foam requirements.

The new tank farm was combined with a new raw material unloading facility where product is unloaded from tank trucks via a permissive bar code system and then piped to respective reactor train systems for processing. River Consulting provided design for the complete wet and foam firewater system, including storage, pumping, diesel back-up and required supervisory systems.

Additionally, 15 aboveground tanks were modified for containment, raw material unloading and transfer piping purposes. Overall, the complete design responsibility for the entire project included foundations, pipe racks, piping, electrical and instrumentation.


  • Multidiscipline engineering design including mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation
  • New 400,000 gallon firewater tank and components
  • Complete foam system including building, tank, pump and zoned manifold distribution system
  • New structural steel truck unloading rack assembly for 36 products including pipe rack, walkways and truck gangway access
  • Permissive system with bar code for allowance of correct product to be transferred to respective tank
  • All process and utility PFD and P&I development
  • Unloading pumps and piping to new dedicated storage
  • Transfer pumps and piping to reactor charging system manifold
  • Piping design
  • Foundation design and review
  • Tank rupture containment