Location: Gregory, TX

Services: A/E Services

A/E Services for Fine Precipitated Alumina Facility

River Consulting provided civil, architectural, mechanical and structural engineering for a new facility to produce, package and distribute 22,500 mtpy of Apyral 40CD , a fine precipitated alumina material.

The process invloves batch processing of “pregnant” liquor stream from an existing alumina plant followed by sophisticated dewatering and drying processes to produce micron level powder. The powder is then stored in silos and ultimately packaged in bags/supersacks for warehouse storage and distribution.

The engineering and design services included foundation, process, piping, electrical and instrumentation, and control system design. River Consulting also provided project and construction management and procurement.


  • Comprehensive design engineering, procurement and construction management for $32 million fine precipitated alumina facility
  • Combined expertise in liquid and bulk handling along with integration of equipment for the specialized alumina process
  • Multiple River Consulting office locations coordination to execute and deliver the complete project
  • Accommodated many Client changes and vendor/ contractor challenges
  • Allowed the Client to produce greater than nameplate production capacity with the process for a greater than anticipated ROI
  • Worked as an integral partner with Nashtec and established a close working relationship