Location: Ayn Shams, Saudi Arabia

Services: Conceptual Engineering Design and Bid Support

Ayn Shams 250,000 Ton Grain Storage and Ancillary Facilities

River Consulting designed two slip form concrete silo complexes with approximately 125,000 metric tons of grain storage in each complex and associated ancillary facilities.

The complexes included design of new headhouse structures to sample, weigh and screen the wheat as it arrives and is conveyed to and from storage. 

In addition to the storage and headhouses, each complex has truck receiving and truck loading facilities. Each truck unloading facility is located adjacent to the new silo storage and headhouse. 

Each unloading structure is designed with four truck bays to unload grain. The structure also supports the overhead conveyors connecting the two storage complexes and departing to the new milling operation designed for a single lane for truck loadout.


  • Conceptual engineering design and bid support
  • Design plans to add 250,000 metric tons of silo grain storage with receiving and reclaim conveyor systems
  • Designed the associated belt conveyor systems for the new expansion
  • Obtained equipment pricing from all necessary vendors
  • Designed two complexes of four, eight packs of silos, for a total of 64 silos
  • Truck unloading at rate of 220 mtph
  • Truck loadout at 50 mtph with client control