Location: Godley, TX

Services: BOP, Multidiscipline Engineering Design and System Integration 

Godley Natural Gas Processing Plant Expansion

River Consulting partnered with ISTI Plant Services to provide final design for engineering and construction of a 200 mmscfd natural gas processing plant.

The plant expansion involved the integration of a Thomas Russell cryogenic plant, an amine liquid treater, thermal oxidizer, flare, compressors, control system expansion and programming at the Godley facility. The new plant was integrated into the space between existing operating plants.

Having already provided FEED services, additional phases of the project for River Consulting included providing the balance of plant (BOP) engineering, integration of the master P&IDs, project management, purchase of engineered equipment, development of a coordinated project schedule, and assistance to ISTI on commissioning and start-up activities.

The BOP detailed design services encompassed design of mechanical foundations, design fabrication of all off-skid piping, connections to pipe rack modules and supports, preparation of electrical and instrumentation drawings for grounding and lighting, instrument data sheets, and instrument and electrical details.



  • Performed detailed processing and project engineering functions including integration of all process units, facility P&ID development, and procurement of balance of process equipment
  • Developed equipment layout drawings showing the new equipment integrating with existing equipment
  • Performed detailed piping engineering and design for interconnecting process units (both new and existing)
  • Performed calculations and designed foundations for new equipment and structures
  • Performed engineering design and structural drawings for new pipe racks
  • Performed engineering design for the new MCC, new instrument air compressors, and the chromatograph, including associated buildings
  • Developed Cause and Effect diagram for entire facility
  • Developed specifications for engineered equipment along with procurement, including the MCC, chromatograph, pipeline pumps, flare, control system equipment and balance of plant instrumentation