Location: Grand Rivers, KY

Services: Multidiscipline Design Engineering, Software Engineering and Commissioning

Grand Rivers Coal Handling Upgrade

River Consulting upgraded the PRB coal handling systems at Grand Rivers Terminal to meet the requirements of the Tennessee Valley Authority for throughput and blending accuracy.

The terminal supplies coal to power plants that are owned and operated by Tennessee Valley Authority.

The upgrades included replacement of the four belt feeders used in the underground reclaim tunnels to blend different composite coals together to meet power plant specifications.


  • Mechanical design for replacement of four blending belt feeders for 6,000 tph loadout rate
  • Mechanical and electrical design for replacement of outbound certified scales and blending scales
  • Structural, mechanical and electrical design for ferrous metal magnet used for cleaning the outbound coal stream
  • Structural, mechanical and electrical design for two rail receiving coal sampler buildings
  • Software engineering upgrade to control system software with new blending controls to loadout 1,500 ton fleet barges
  • Commissioning, start-up and performance testing services