Location: Houston, TX

Services: Study, Multidiscipline Preliminary and Final Design and Commissioning

Houston Cement Greenfield Facility

River Consulting partnered with Continental Construction Co., Inc. to deliver an import terminal design to handle 1.5 million tpy of cement. River Consulting provided study phase services, exploring site layout and design concepts, and multidiscipline preliminary and final design, including silo design, control system programming and commissioning for the greenfield facility.

Domes were originally considered for storage, but River Consulting worked with the client to identify silo storage as a more optimal solution, due to the reduced energy consumption and handling time for truck loadout. The final facility design featured 100,000 tons of storage, 545-foot dock capable of handling Panamax vessels, and a fully automated and contained 1,900 tph inbound conveyor belt system, bucket elevator system and air slide system.

Additionally, three truck loadout lanes are located beneath the silos. By implementing an advanced control algorithm, truck loading times are optimized while maintaining a high precision fill weight. Once the driver has positioned the truck under the loading spout, the systems control the material flow using real-time monitoring and variable gate positioning. The complete process takes about five minutes from the time the truck pulls onto the scale until the bill of lading is printed. Additionally, the cement inventory is automatically monitored in the onsite office building, allowing for effective supply chain management.


  • Consultation to provide customized solution to meet the client’s operational needs and financial budget
  • Six concrete silos with 100,000 ton storage capacity
  • Unique hopper support structure utilizing internal supporting columns and precast concrete slabs to optimize support of the 65 foot tall hoppers
  • External construction of hoppers and supports to save installation and labor costs
  • Three lanes of automated truck loadout with 500 tph loading rate
  • 1,900 tph inbound conveyor belt system, bucket elevator system, and air slide system
  • State-of-the-art receiving and loadout rates
  • Largest capacity cement ship unloader at the time in the United States, mounted on rails with an operating capacity of 1,500 mtph