Location: Charleston, SC

Services: Economic Feasibility Study, Preliminary and Final Engineering, Construction Management

Multi-Product Facility Dock Expansion

The Shipyard River Terminal (SRT) was expanded in 2001 to enhance the terminal’s ability to handle non-cement related products including clinker, potash, bituminous and sub-bituminous coal, salt, urea and asphalt. River Consulting worked with the client to provide an economic feasibility study, preliminary and final engineering and construction management for the expansion.

In 2000, River Consulting transformed the original SRT berth known as Dock #1 into one of the most
efficient cement facilities in the world. Six months later, construction began on Dock #2 and its related
infrastructure and components. 

Design included modification to the existing dock and a new inbound conveyor system to transport various commodities. Additionally, new storage, reclaim and truck and rail loading solutions were designed for the facility expansion.


  • Inbound conveyor system consisting of 54-inch belts with variable conveying rates
  • 68,000 square feet of warehouse storage
  • Warehouse system with a two-directional tripper capable of receiving material from docks #1 and #2
  • Fuel product outdoor storage piles created by a series of stacking tubes and radial stackers
  • Tunnel reclaim system comprised of a series of variable feed vibrating feeders
  • New unit train loading station, capable of loading a train in less than eight hours
  • Covered truck/rail loading, using front end loaders
  • Existing dock modified and lengthened to receive Panamax-size vessels