Location: Galena Park, TX

Services: Design and Supply

Nine Tank Expansion Modularization

River Consulting delivered a modular project approach developed by our Houston Interests team during the nine tank expansion project at the Galena Park East terminal.

The expansion to add six new 150,000 barrel carbon- steel tanks and three new 100,000 barrel tanks, required the addition of seven new pumps and two transfer manifolds in order to operate and connect the tanks to store and distribute condensate and other natural gas liquid components from the Eagle Ford shale fields.

In order to expedite the project schedule and reduce construction costs, the project team designed modular pipe racks and manifolds for fabrication and assembly at a shop in Tulsa, OK. The modularized approach enabled construction to begin before all engineering was finished, with completely assembled and quality checked equipment being delivered to the project site ready to install.

The client benefited from the modular fabrication delivery through schedule efficiency, quality, site integration speed, and cost savings. 



  • Designed modular pipe racks and manifolds
  • One new distribution and one new tank suction manifold were each made up of eight modules
  • One API product pump (15,000 bph) and three API transfer pumps (7,500 bph) to transfer product from the tanks to the docks, from tanks to pipeline, and from tank to tank
  • Two stripping pumps (1,260 bph) to strip out headers at the manifolds and one small stripping pump (100 bph) to strip out the bottom of each product pump
  • Installation of new pipe rack to support lines and two incoming 20-inch connector lines
  • Fabrication and assembly were completed in a shop off-site and equipment was delivered to the site ready to install
  • Expedited project schedule
  • Equipment testing was completed before being delivered to the site
  • Economical cost savings