Location: Newport News, VA

Services: Marine Design, Multidiscipline Engineering, Control System Programming and Commissioning

Pier IX/X Coal Terminal Expansion

River Consulting provided marine design, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as control system programming and commissioning services for a major expansion project at the Pier IX/X Coal Terminal in Newport News, Va.

The project scope included a new coal import system, construction of the new Pier X dock, an extension to the existing Pier IX dock, modifications to the existing cement conveyor, the addition of two Gottwald 360 cranes mounted on traveling gantries, two traveling receiving hoppers, an inbound conveying system, and a new radial stacker resulting in transfer rates of 4,000 tph for coal receiving.

The increased transfer rates were achieved with state of the art design and equipment, including two rail-mounted Gottwald 360 cranes, the largest coal receiving cranes on the market. Each crane unloads the coal from the ship’s holds and transfers it to two dock mounted mobile receiving hoppers for efficient product movement. The project also included an air belt conveyor system at the dock to move product at a maximum rate of 4,000 tph. This conveying system is totally enclosed, reducing particulates in the air.


  • Construction of new Pier X dock and extension to existing Pier IX dock
  • Two Gottwald 360 cranes mounted on traveling gantries, the largest coal receiving cranes on the market to date
  • Two dock mounted traveling receiving hoppers
  • Transfer rates of 4,000 tph