Location: Orla, TX

Services: Engineering Design and Balance of Plant, Process and Systems Integration

Red Bluff Natural Gas Treating Facility

The Red Bluff natural gas processing plant is a 200 MMSCFD greenfield project designed to produce purified NGL’s and natural gas for the petrochemical and utility industries. The Houston Interests companies, River Consulting, Devco and S&R Technical Services, partnered with ISTI Plant Services to provide program management, balance of plant (BOP) engineering, process and systems integration, and procurement support for the construction of the facility.

The new facility involves the integration of a Thomas Russell cryogenic module, two 1,050 gpm amine liquid treaters, two 15.5 gpm triethylene glycol dehydrators (TEG units), two 30,000 scfm regenerative thermal oxidizers, and other ancillary equipment. 

BOP services encompassed foundation design for all equipment and components, civil site design, design for fabrication of all off-skid piping, pipe rack modules and supports, associated pipe stress analysis, electrical and instrumentation engineering for power distribution, grounding and lighting, instrument data sheets and electrical installation details. 

In addition, the project team provided master P&IDs, development of a coordinated project schedule, and assistance to ISTI on commissioning and start-up activities.


  • Performed detailed processing and project engineering functions, including integration of all process units, facility P&ID development, and procurement of balance of process equipment
  • Developed facility layout drawing to define locations for all equipment and ancillary items
  • Performed detailed piping engineering and design, interconnecting process units
  • Performed calculations and designed foundations for equipment and structures
  • Performed engineering design and structural drawings for pipe racks
  • Performed engineering design for the new MCC, instrument air system and the chromatograph, including associated buildings
  • Developed specifications for engineered equipment along with procurement, including the feed preheaters, scrubbers, pipeline pumps, flare system, RTO, glycol unit, power distribution center, control system equipment, reverse osmosis water system, balance of plant instrumentation and various storage tanks with pumps