Location: Jose, Venezuela

Services: Conceptual Through Final Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management

Sincor Petcoke and Sulfur Handling Facility

The Sincor Coke and Sulfur Handling Facility in Jose, Venezuela is designed to handle 2.4 million tpy of petroleum coke and 380,000 tpy of either molten or prilled sulfur. River Consulting provided complete EPCM (Engineer, Procure, Construction Management) services for the construction of this major coke and sulfur export facility.

Design included state of the art material handling systems and storage for petcoke and prilled and liquid sulfur to transport the product from the nearby refinery to storage and out for export. The material handling systems included miles of conveyors, stacking, stockpiling and reclaim systems, dust suppression systems, shiploaders, steam-traced piping, a sulfur loading arm, and marine structures. Storage consisted of two massive cement storage pads and sulfur storage tanks. The project team implemented key features such as dual orbiting shiploaders, the first of their type to be constructed, and also bulk and liquid loadout capability via a single berthing point on the dock.

The more than 190,000 man-hour project was executed on a fast-track basis with River Consulting procuring 95 equipment sub-systems and managing all construction contracts for this $270 million project. The successful project execution resulted in the stockpiling of petroleum coke just 18 months after the start of conceptual engineering.


  • More than 2,200 feet of stockpile conveyors operating at 1,800 tph
  • More than 2.75 miles of petroleum coke conveyors from storage yard to shiploaders operating at 2,200 tph
  • Two million square foot soil cement storage pad with the capacity to store 1.1 million tons of petroleum coke
  • 720 feet of shuttle stacking conveyor with telescoping spout
  • 26 gravity reclaim pits with vibrating hoppers
  • Radial stacker for emergency coke storage
  • Three miles of molten sulfur steam-traced piping
  • 90,000 ton storage pad with a 900 tph conveyor system for prilled sulfur reclaim handling
  • Dual orbiting shiploaders operating at a nominal rate of 2,200 tph; the first of their type ever constructed
  • Three 15,000 mt sulfur storage tanks (120 foot diameter x 32 feet high)
  • 3.3 km 16-inch sulfur pipeline from storage to marine dock