Location: Port Facilities across North America

Services: Structural Audit with Findings and Recommendations

Structural Assessments of Shiploaders

River Consulting performed structural condition assessments of shiploaders and unloaders located at 18 different ports across North America to determine structural integrity and safety of the shiploaders and provide recommendations for future actions.

Assessments were conducted as a preventative measure to help prevent shiploader failures at Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminal facilities across the country. Full report and recommendations were provided for each of the 18 terminals, including documentation and pictures. The technical evaluation reports identifies such concerns as: improper installation of turnbuckles, gallery damage from boom structure impact during slewing motion, areas of corrosion on structural steel galvanized coatings, potential areas of high corrosion, damaged cable tray covers, faulty swing gates, cables not housed in 100% conduit, corroding bolts on tower columns, counterweight cable damage, damage from hurricanes affecting cable trays, power and control wires not properly separated, cable tray systems not fully covered, misaligned stinger belts, failed railing attachments, material buildup, bent beam shaft in shuttle conveyors and excessive wear and tear as well as corrosion and deformities in the steel roofs.


  • Standardized reporting format for accurate facility comparisons, prioritization of repairs
  • Design of repairs to remedy deficiencies, maintain safety, structural integrity and asset value
  • Facility assessments at the following facilities: -Valero Port Arthur Shiploader, Port Arthur, TX -Deepwater Shiploader, Houston, TX -Penn City Port of Houston Shiploader, Tampa, FL -Tampaplex Export Shiploader, Tampa, FL -T4 Shiploader, Portland, OR -Benecia Shiploader, Benicia, CA -Port Manatee Shiploaders E & W, Palmetto, FL -T5 Shiploader, Portland, OR -Pier IX Cement Ship Unloader, Newport News, VA -SRT Shipyard River Unloader, Newport News, VA -Globalplex Unloader, Reserve, LA -Grand Rivers Barge Loader, Grand Rivers, KY -Port Arthur Bulk Facility Shiploader, Port Arthur, TX -Cora, Rockwood, IL -Cahokia Marine Services, Sauget, IL -Kellogg Dock Coal Bulk Terminal, Modoc, IL -Exxon Mobil Shiploader, Beaumont, TX -Vancouver Wharves, North Vancouver, BC Canada