River Consulting delivers engineering and project management services to companies around the globe.

River Consulting combines the capabilities of a full-service firm with the responsiveness and flexibility of a specialty engineering practice. We can work with clients through all phases of a project from front end project development services through commissioning and project close out, or we can be engaged for any individual project need. In every case, we bring innovative ideas and technical solutions to the table to help reduce costs, improve operations and accelerate projects. We combine consulting and engineering expertise with a commitment to service to become a partner clients can trust.

Front End Project Development

River Consulting enables projects to get started on the right track with comprehensive planning and development services. From studies and conceptual designs to interfacing with local and state permitting and jurisdictional authorities, River Consulting helps cover the bases and position projects for success. Read More »

Project Management

Our project management methodology combines best practices from today’s project management community with experience gained over three decades of heading up real world initiatives. We know what works - and what doesn’t - in every phase of a project. Read More »

Engineering Design

River Consulting offers complete multi-discipline design services to deliver solutions for projects large and small. Our detailed designs are based on our client’s standards and preferences coupled with our industry-specific insight and expertise. Read More »

Construction Management

Construction management drives projects from design to reality. Success depends first and foremost on the professionals guiding the process. River Consulting combines decades of expertise with PMI-recognized tools to meet clients' construction and overall project goals. Read More »

Commissioning and Training

The start-up phase can be one of the most intense periods of activity on a project.  It requires advance preparation and planning if it is to be executed smoothly.  Our commissioning teams work closely with engineers, construction managers and control systems specialists to develop detailed commissioning plans and procedures. Our expertise prepares client systems for consistent and reliable operations. Read More »

Project Delivery

River Consulting works with a network of partners to deliver the project approach that best fits our client's project needs. EPC, EPCM, A/E, Owner's Engineer, Design-Bid, Design-Build, or engineering only, we are capable of providing complete project delivery no matter the project scope, location or other constraints. Read More »